Volunteering in Ecuador

Because giving back can be much more fun while you learn a different culture and visit different places!

Traveling and living abroad is a dream for many and a necessary thing for others. Ordex Inbound Programs allow you to learn about Ecuadorian weather, food, people and sharing a volunteering experience.



Ecuador is located in a privileged location in the Middle of the World allowing us to have 4 seasons at once, Yes, you read it just Right! Isn’t it crazy?

It’s kind of like this:

Video courtesy of Enchufetv Ecuadorian youtubers.

What kind of clothes should I bring with me: Warm and light clothing because you never know.

Travel, studying and volunteering make you hungry; we have lots of different ways to cook from one region to another. Ecuador is divided in 4 regions: Galapagos, Sea side (Pacific coast), highlands (Andes) and the Amazon. You can find Sea food, traditional food and also non common cousine in some place in the Amazon.


Try our cousine:

Highlands Recipe Yapingacho

Ecuadorian people are friendly and polite. Once you get to know them they become affective, you won’t have any problem making friends or talking to people. Most of the young generation will speak or understand English, but be prepared with some basic Spanish and these Useful questions:


·         ¿Habla inglés? (ah-blah een-glehs) (Do you speak English?)

·         ¿Me podría ayudar, por favor?(meh poh-dree-ah ah-yoo-dahr pohr fah-bohr) (Would you help me please?)

·         ¿Dónde están los baños?(dohn deh ehs-tahn lohs sehr-bee-thee-ohs) (Where are the toilets?)

·         ¿Cuánto es?(koo-ahn-toh ehs) (How much is that?)

·         Dónde puedo encontrar. . .?(dohn-deh poo-eh-doh ehn-kohn-trahr. . .) (Where can I find. . .?)


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For volunteering in Ecuador, there are 4 types of experience you can perform:

1.       Social work: helping in a rural community with their daily manual labor.

2.       Medical: volunteering in a hospital that needs and extra hand.

3.       Teaching: helping young and kids with their homework or teaching them English.

4.       Animal Rescue: be part of keeping mothers nature most beautiful animals in danger


So what are you waiting for?? Come to the best destination and enjoy the best experience traveling and developing your skills and helping communities in Ecuador.