The experience: learn another language and experience another culture


The  academic year is a program aimed at young people who want to improve their Spanish and have an international student experience. Students are received by a carefully selected host family.


The program

Living your High School year in Ecuador, is the best experience in life. During one  school year, international students have the opportunity to live with a local family, learn Spanish, and experience a different culture in South America.

Our families are happy to work with high school students, and also learn from  their culture, our schools mostly private or municipal also appreciate diversity among students.

Más información


Antonio Navarro N32-179 y Juan Severino (atrás CIESPAL)
Tel: (02) 2502345 Celular: (09) 92699502


Kennedy Norte, E. Arboleda No.12, y Av. Francisco de Orellana, Edif. Monique, Piso 2 (junto Grupo Quirola)
Tel: (04) 2280400 - (09)84875351


Celular: (09)87655240